CSU is liberal, but it’s hard to tell

CSU doesn’t feel like an overtly liberal campus. Yeah one of its largest donors  — Pat Stryker — is one of the most liberal billionaire philanthropists, but the students and faculty members on campus seem to harbor a relatively diverse range of political ideologies.

So it may be surprising to some that a vast majority of the university’s faculty donated to Democratic candidates this election. In fact a much higher percentage of CSU faculty members donated to Democrats than at CU, a famously liberal university.


It’s great that these professors are giving money to either campaign, but what’s even better is that they don’t let their political ideologies overtly influence the education we receive in the classroom.

That undue influence can be pretty damaging to students. Even though in college we’re hopefully mature enough not to be indoctrinated to believe anything, but it can actually be harmful to your education to get any sort of skewed representation of the truth from a professor.

Remember how much harm Ward Churchill caused at CU? It’s important our professors don’t let these personal biases into the classroom. We’re paying for an education and a set of skills to make us professionals, not for someone to stand on a soapbox and try to change our moral or political beliefs.

The political science department does a pretty good job of this at CSU. Most professors make a point to keep their own ideologies to themselves, because they know revealing their beliefs could alienate students, and possibly damage their reputation as a reliable educator.

Now if only everyone on Facebook could keep their political opinions as well as CSU’s professors…