CSU Greek Life should not be the subject of negative stereotypes

There is a common misperception on most college campuses that Greek Life is nothing but a bunch of wild, “Animal House”-esk bros who do nothing but drink and cause havoc.

This 1970s perception has stuck to those wearing Greek letters to this day, even though the practices of many Greek Life organizations has changed radically in past years.


Despite what most students believe, Greek Life is full of service efforts to make this town a better place. The average Greek Life participant — in fact — probably contributes leagues more to the Fort Collins community than the average CSU student.

Greek Life organizations on our campus are raising their requirements and colleges are raising their expectations of Greek Life, and have been cracking down on those not meeting the requirements.

Our Greek Life should be commended for their efforts to battle hazing — which is consistently associated with fraternities and sororities to this day. They should be doing everything in their power to differentiate themselves from the typical Greek Life stereotypes.

Hazing is an unacceptable rite of passage, and if you are ever made to do anything you’re uncomfortable with to join an organization — it’s probably not worth joining. Speak up if you are the victim of hazing. Ensure that those who participate in hazing are singled out a dealt with in order to break the negative perception that all Greek Life hazes, and all fraternities and sororities are the same.