Women are the new men: Taking over the business world one “bro” at a time

We’ve cooked your dinner. We’ve cleaned up your mess after a night of drunken Monday Night Football with your “bros.” We’ve brought you soup when you’re “sick” (but let’s be real, you’re usually being dramatic). We’ve done your laundry. And now — we’re paying your bills.

Time Magazine reported earlier this week that a whopping third of American women are now the “breadwinner” of the family. The article goes on to state the fact that more women are graduating with college degrees than men, and are steadily climbing up the ladder in nearly all industries.


One survey found that a full 90 percent of women identify themselves as the chief bill-payer and shopper for the household.

We’re organized, full of potential and drive, and coming at the men of this country faster and stronger than ever. Watch out, guys.

As a female and a soon to be CSU graduate, I see truth and validity in these statements around me, and rising daily. I see myself surrounded by women with more drive and passion than I see in most men. I see business owners at age 22. I see women making trips to internships 60 miles away. I see successful students and confidence that emulates. I see past stay at home moms going back to school to obtain degrees and change the role they have played for years. I see women taking new control of their lives and moving into the business world, taking a stand and coming out strong.

No, I’m not saying all men don’t have drive and aren’t going to be successful in any way. I’m simply making the argument that as women, we’ve come a long way from the housewives and secretaries of the ‘50s and ‘60s — and are emerging as the new powerhouses of America. More and more frequently, men are answering to us.

Yes, we still unfortunately get paid 77.5 cents for every dollar that men earn. Yes, we still have changes to make in the financial aspect of the business world. But with the amount of successful female statistics on the rise, I don’t see that taking much longer. With the concern and exposure of these issues, we will take a stand. We’ve been taking a stand for nearly a century now, from our voting rights to our right to choose, and I can confidently assure you – that will not come to a halt.

Forget the gender gap — that is so 1965. The roles are changing. And they’re changing fast. According to the US Census Bureau, the number of stay at home dads is dramatically increasing, up 26 percent in the last 10 years. Oh, and according to USA Today the number of women CEOs at Fortune 500 companies is at a record high. Still want to make that sexist kitchen joke to your boss, boys? She might not find it so funny.

We’ve come a long way from where we were, and still unfortunately have some ground left to cover, but it won’t be long — this I can tell you. It’s our turn now.

So to all the women out there reading this, regardless of age: do not stop and most definitely do not give up. I’m not saying this is going to be easy and I’m not saying it isn’t going to be messy along the way. There will be obstacles to overcome and there will be men that will challenge you and put you down. But right here and right now, our potential is higher than ever and only expanding. Remember that little phrase, “We can do it”? Well we can. It’s been proven.

So get ready and pull out your vacuums boys, we’ll be home around five, or maybe seven if we decide to grab some drinks with the girls. Oh, and honey — dinner better be ready.

Lauren Stieritz is a senior communication studies major. Her columns appear Fridays in the Collegian. Letters and feedback can be sent to letters@collegian.com.