Make sure that you patronize local Fort Collins businesses

Colorado State University is the single biggest driving force of the Fort Collins economy. The amount of jobs and revenue created by our university itself is unparalleled by any other entity in Larimer County — not to mention the thousands of students that attend CSU every year, providing FoCo with an economic boom each fall.

The Fort Collins economy depends on where you use your wallet, students, so support local businesses.


Our city is host to branches of plenty of franchises and corporations, but there are also hundreds of locally owned shops, coffee joints and restaurants that are a great alternative to the megacorporations — and usually have much better products.

Instead of the revenue garnered from a corporate entity being whisked instantaneously out of this city (and probably out of this state), supporting a local business will keep that revenue local, and will help energize your community’s economy.

Fort Collins has one of the highest amount of restaurants per capita in America — and that’s due in large to the bottomless pit that is the stomach of a college kid. Next time you need a burger or slice of pizza, try exploring local Fort Collins venues rather than defaulting to the quickest and cheapest brand name you can find.

Next time you need a cup of coffee, find a local hole in the wall and try some local brews — you just might find your niche along the way.