CSU football, a work in progress

After Saturday’s loss to Utah State, most CSU football fans are probably leaping off the Bold New Era bandwagon in droves.


They should pause before making that leap, because the new boss isn’t the same as the old boss, as the Who would have you believe.

Completely revamping a football program takes more than one year to accomplish, so fans shouldn’t expect the Rams to morph into Alabama like Clark Kent in the phone booth.

New coach Jim McElwain has done everything he can to change the culture of CSU football, and that shift is evident in the way players are talking about the losses. There’s more of an ownership in their tone rather than searching for excuses.

But attitude can only take a football team so far. You need talent to succeed, and McElwain is still in the formative stages of recruiting. Freshman Tommey Morris and Jasen Oden lead the team in rushing and a forced turnover, respectively, so Mac should be able to build something in Fort Collins if he is given the time to build his program.

Unfortunately, that means current CSU students might be in for a bumpy ride. The Rams have been inconsistent on both sides of the ball, but have shown flashes of competency and the briefest glimpses of sparkle.

If coach Mac is given enough time to fully integrate his game plan and system, CSU might have something special.

The one thing that hasn’t been lacking for CSU is fan support. Student tickets sold out for the Utah State game after a strong showing against North Dakota state. Don’t lose your enthusiasm and support, rammies — it makes a difference for the team on the field.

Keep showing up to home games and providing the atmosphere befitting a top-level football program. The product on the field might catch up sooner than you think.