Get your letters of rec!

Hallie Gardner

Here’s a blog post for all of you soon-to-be graduates out there (congratulations, by the way). I know that the end of the year is approaching quickly and before you know it, you’ll be up on that stage receiving your diploma. 

Hold up. Before you graduate, there are a few last-minute housekeeping things to take care of. Yes, I know. I’m sure your to-do list is already miles long, but rounding up a few letters of recommendation should definitely become one of your priorities. 


Photo Credit: JPPI from Morgue Photo

Whether you are applying to graduate school, a new job, or even trying to land another post-grad internship, you’re going to need at least one letter of recommendation. You don’t want to be halfway through that application and realize you’re empty-handed. 

Remember, letters of recommendation don’t just need to come from faculty members. Yes, you should probably obtain at least one from a professor, counselor, or advisor, but others can come from various organizations you’ve worked on and previous employers. Sorry, but your BFF doesn’t count. 

Remember, don’t be shy to ask! More times than not, people are more than willing to help you out. However, avoid coming in the last day and setting a deadline for your recommender. If you haven’t already, start getting in contact; send an email, or even better, visit them! 

Take advantage of these next few weeks at school. It’s always good to have a few glowing recommendations in your repertoire to choose from when it comes to post-graduate life. 

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