Major weather change midweek

Austin Harley

Despite a bit of wind, weekend conditions were fairly mild. We’ll drop the wind and warm up temperatures even more into Monday. Expect plenty of sun and temperatures into the 70s today.



Now, as you may have noticed in the title, this wonderful warmth will not be sticking around. Tuesday will be the last time we have temperatures in the 70s for quite a while, so get out and enjoy that!

Weather models agree that a wet, unsettled weather pattern will dominate the area beginning sometime in the PM on Wednesday. There’s pretty good agreement on the track and speed of the weather system — BUT — the moisture amounts have not been worked out yet. Because of this, snow and rain forecasts are varying widely. We’re seeing snowfall amounts anywhere between catastrophic and absolutely nothing.

For now, expect rain and snow Wednesday night, Thursday, and possibly Friday. We’ll have a better forecast as we get closer. Stay tuned!