A change of pace: Clinton to run in 2016

Madeline Gallegos

The United States is one of around one hundred and forty countries in the world that has never had a female leader. While the United States can be considered progressive in countless ways, it is lagging behind in others. Right now, about fifty countries in the world have had female leaders, with 22 countries currently being led by women, which is an all-time high.

However, it is possible that the United States might join the ranks of others with female leaders in 2016. After many spent months wondering whether or not we would finally see a woman run for president, we finally have an answer. After rumor of her run had been circling for months, Clinton confirmed earlier today that she will officially be running for president in 2016. Although she has not announced a running mate, Clinton’s run is history in the making.


Political views aside, Clinton is indisputably a more than ideal candidate. She has a degree in political science, as well as a Yale law degree and has been involved in our nation since her collegiate years. Clinton has seen how our nation works from the inside and has the knowledge to better our country. She has served as First Lady of Arkansas and the United States, Senator of New York, and Secretary of State, showing that she is familiar with our nation’s problems and, as illustrated by her continued service, truly wants to help solve them. Clinton is an intelligent, informed, and honorable candidate and it would be fantastic to see her as president.

Photo courtesy: Giphy.com 

Having a female president in the United States is a notion that numerous people never thought might become a reality in their lifetime. Although a victory for Clinton is never a sure thing, her win would be an amazing event in history. A woman in the White House would likely mean more equality and attention towards certain populations, a greater focus on women’s rights, and perhaps a shift in our nation’s diplomacy. In addition, girls and women would have another female role model within the government. Women are underrepresented in representative positions, such as the Supreme Court, but a female president would be another step toward equal numbers. A female president could inspire more girls and women to participate in government activities and help make their voices heard.

A woman in the White House would be historically groundbreaking and something that the United States would absolutely benefit from. Despite historical challenges, we can only hope that Hillary Clinton’s run for president in 2016 will put an end to the long struggle women have faced. Clinton’s run marks the beginning of a new era and hopefully inspires the change our nation needs to continue being great and powerful.

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