DIY makeup stand for $10

Celine Wolff

It is very easy to get ahead of yourself when buying craft materials. It would be so easy to spend $1,000 at Hobby Lobby. There are so many adorable and intriguing crafts to tackle. DIY tiara? Heck yes! Bedazzle an umbrella holder? I don’t what I’ll do with it but okay! As my roommate perfeclty worded it, “I really like making crafts, but I have no purpose for them.”

What if there was something that was budget friendly and useful? Well folks, I don’t sell cars, but I can show you how to make a stand that can hold anything and everything incidental.


Photo Credit: Celine Wolff

DIY Makeup Stand 

What You Will Need:

I bought the plates at ARC, the candlesticks at a Dollar Tree, and the mirror at Hobby Lobby. (If the mirror isn’t on sale at Hobby Lobby, then you can use a 40% off coupon that is always available)

1) Once you have found all of your materials, decide which plate you want on the bottom and which one you want in the middle. Stacking the plates with the candlesticks before gluing anything is safest to make sure it turns out how you want.

2) Apply glue to the bottom of a candlestick and center it on the plate that you want on the bottom. Then put glue around the rim of the same candlestick so you can attach the second plate to the top.

Photo Credit: Celine Wolff
Photo Credit: Celine Wolff










3) Apply glue to the bottom of the second candlestick. This step is the trickiest because you have to estimate where the second candlestick goes in the center of the middle plate.

4) Once the second candlestick is attached, put glue on top of the rim and place the mirror on top.

5) While the glue is slowly drying, it would be a good time to carefully set it on a tall table, or try to set it at eye level, to check and see if the candlesticks are aligned. The glue takes about an hour to dry, so you are safe to scoot it around a little bit to make sure everything matches up and doesn’t look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Photo Credit: Celine Wolff
Photo Credit: Celine Wolf








The best part about this craft is hunting for the pieces. I scored when I found the Colorado plate at ARC. I mean, could you ask for a cuter plate? It’s pink and has gold trim! Even better, the craft recycles plates people weren’t using before!

Recycling, budget friendly, and useful? You don’t have a reason not to do this craft.

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