Try this, not that: winter edition

Celine Wolff

Sure, you could wear those UGG boots…and the PINK Varsity Crew…and a J.Crew vest…but then you would look like every other girl in college (more specifically, a freshman, and no one wants that). Think of this approach as the “Eat This, Not That” diet, where you try something similar, but it’s better for you.

Instead of wearing a basic outfit, I have some recommendations that you can search for in your closet and try, or hit up a thrift store to find something even more unique.


Asymmetrical Waterfall Jacket

I, like every other girl who loves a classic outfit, have a weakness for vests in the fall and winter, but this  asymmetrical waterfall faux leather jacket adds depth to an outfit. It would look even more chic when worn with a floral skirt and ankle booties.

Pearl Stud Earrings

Pearl earrings are essential to looking put together, but a trend that I find even more elegant are double sided stud pearl earrings. A pair found herefrom The Limited, are simple and unique.

PINK Varity Crew

Remind me again why I’m spending more than $20 on a cotton/polyester shirt that just says the word “pink” on it? An alternative that could be a conversation starter is this witty baseball-t from Amazon. 

UGG Boots

I’ve heard from guys that girls wearing UGG boots is the turn-off equivalent to boys sagging their pants. Girls don’t need boys to tell them what to wear, but I will admit that they are right on this one. Just this once. Modcloth offers so many cute boot options, but my favorite are these , the “Here, There, and Everywhere Bootie”. I find that name very suiting because they can be worn for the library, work, or a night out. 

At the end of the day, if you want to wear your Varsity Crew, UGG boots, and leggings, then you go Glen Coco. Go rock it! However, that’s the hardest thing about diets, the habits have to be broken to make room for the new (and better) ones.

Celine Wolff can be reached at and on her twitter page @wolff_celine.