Mild weather to begin workweek

A cooler weekend will give way to a more mild Monday. Temperatures will reach into the low 50s, but you’ll still need a sweatshirt or jacket for most of the day. Winds could be a bit breezy this afternoon, gusting to around 15mph.



We’ll be able to enjoy a few days of above normal temperatures before winter returns again. Current modeling indicates that Wednesday morning will be the warmest, and temperatures are expected to fall into the afternoon as snow falls. We’re currently expecting about one to three inches through Wednesday afternoon and evening.

Thursday warms right back up, melting off the snow. What’s left of accumulations will be gone by Friday afternoon as temperatures reach the mid-60s. You’ll also notice that our average high temperature has begun to climb yet again.


Meteorologist Austin Harley can be reached on Twitter: @wx_harley.