Cold forecast for first day of December

Austin Harley

Welcome to the first day of meteorological winter (December, January and February). With the beginning of the season, today’s average high should be around 44 degrees. We will just barely make it beyond the freezing point this afternoon. Winds should be much calmer today, nothing like the gusts we experienced on Sunday. Bring a jacket, scarf and gloves for your morning adventures.



Temperatures will do a little bit of bouncing around in the next few days, so be prepared to utilize your entire closet this week! As the current cooler system exits the area, westerly winds will flow down the hills and into the area Tuesday. This breeze will help to bring a significant warm up. A fairly dry cold front backs in the front range on Wednesday, bringing cooler temps and cloudy skies. The mountains may pick up 2-3 inches with this system. Westerly winds and warmer weather returns for the end of the workweek.



Meteorologist Austin Harley can be reached on Twitter: @wx_harley.