Weather calms down ahead of break

Austin Harley

Monday finally broke into the mid-30s after a week of sub-freezing temperatures. Tuesday will continue to warm up. The high temperature today is expected to be about five degrees warmer than yesterday. The morning will see some sunshine, but a mountain wave cloud should develop along the front range throughout the afternoon. That cloud will keep temperatures from getting into the 40s.



Satellite imagery shows another round of cold air diving south out of Canada. Thankfully, it is expected to just miss Colorado before sliding off the east. Instead, we will be sitting under high pressure for the rest of the week. This will bring us sunny, dry weather through Saturday.


Clouds will vary in intensity throughout the week, but that will really be the only major change. Temperatures will slightly warm up into the end of the next five days. Statewide, conditions continue to look favorable for your drive home on Friday or Saturday.



Flights out of DIA should be in the clear on Friday. If you’re traveling to the Pacific Northwest (Portland, Seattle) on Friday afternoon, you may run into a few delays thanks to some heavy rain showers. Leaving DIA on Saturday? You should be okay then too, unless your fights take you to Texas, Louisiana, or Arkansas. Widespread thunderstorms are expected throughout the day across that region.

Meteorologist Austin Harley can be reached on Twitter: @wx_harley.