Go to class, lots would love to

Hallie Gardner

I know, I know. It’s nearing the end of the semester, and now it’s cold too; a doubly good reason not to go to class. I can’t tell you how many days I wake up and play the upcoming day in my head, looking for loopholes or excuses so I can sleep in and watch Parenthood on Netflix.

We’ve all been there, but I just wanted to write and give you readers one last dose of motivation before Thanksgiving break and finals come full-swing. The Guardian just released their latest report, saying more than 70 million children worldwide don’t have the option to go to school. Many of these kids need to work to help support their families, they don’t have adequate schools within distance, or they are facing situations of inequality and prejudice.


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The Global Campaign for Education has found that Somalia has the least functional school system in the world with just 10% of children attending school. 10%? That number blows my mind. Could you imagine just 10% of the kids in the whole United States attending school?

But it gets worse. When you look at university educations, the number is astonishingly low. The Huffington posts says only 6.7% of the WORLD holds a college degree. Do the math– 6.7% of 7 billion people…that’s not very many in comparison.

We’re privileged, you guys! We have the opportunity that many don’t, so make the most of it. There’s countless others out there that would give a lot to have an education like ours.  Just remember this when you’re pulling the blankets over your head to go back to sleep.


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