Hello, color!

LSC CopyWriter

We are in the midst of some great changes and I must say that the changes are beautiful.

Previously in the blog “The Good, the Bad and the- wait, there is no bad!” I discussed the lack of color in the LSC concern from the student body, but I’m here to let you know that color is starting to make a reappearance! A splash of color can be found throughout the LSC and there is so much more to come. Not to mention we have some of the most amazing views in Northern Colorado, which really help to accentuate the beauty of not only our campus but Fort Collins as well.


Below are a couple of my favorite new colorful spots.

View from West Side Patio of LSC


Colorful patio artwork

The color is coming! The pieces to our LSC are slowly but surely coming together. Be sure to continue to make your way to the LSC to be a part of the change. To see more fun pictures please click here.