Farewell LSC West

LSC CopyWriter

The time we have all been waiting for is finally here: it’s time for us to say goodbye to LSC West. Although I’m sure we’ve all enjoyed taking those trips to visit our favorite organizations, we now have a beautiful, centrally located student center we can come home to.Revitalization Backstage pass

Your favorite student service or organization is officially housed in the Revitalized Lory Student Center. The Lory Student Center is now back up and running and LSC West soon will be back to serving its purpose as the Mac Gym.


We have a brand new student center that is nothing short of amazing. Take a journey through level 100, 200, and 300 to find your new favorite spot (watch out for our upcoming self-guided walking tour). The location is convenient enough to spend your free time on campus, so explore everything the Revitalized LSC has to offer.

Farewell to LSC West and a Ram Welcome to our new Lory Student Center. Welcome home!

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