Tuesday forecast looks sunny and warm for Fort Collins

Austin Harley

A jacket may be needed for 8:00am classes on Tuesday, but temperatures will warm up quickly through the morning. Plan on wearing shorts and a breathable shirt. A good ole’ pair of Raybans and some Chacos will get you through the afternoon.



A warm, dry airmass is slowly pushing east over Colorado. The limited moisture with it has stomped out any chances for afternoon thunderstorms. With abundant sunshine throughout the day, temperatures will spike into the mid-80s for most of Tuesday afternoon. A few harmless cumulus clouds may bring a bit of relief to those looking to escape the heat. Pleasant conditions should continue into the evening as well. It should still be about seventy degrees around 9pm!


The sunshine and unseasonably warm temperatures will stick with us through Friday, so keep the warm weather gear handy! Leftover moisture from Hurricane Odile is expected to brush Colorado this weekend, which would moderate temperatures and bring showers and storms back into the forecast. Stay tuned to CTV11 Weather and the collegian.com for updates!