The Good, the Bad and wait there is no bad!

LSC CopyWriter

It has been about three weeks since the LSC opened and I must say I’ve been enjoying every minute of it. But there has been a bit of a buzz about the so-called “hospital feel” within the walls of the first floor corridor. I got the chance to explore this issue and hear from not only the students but the construction team on what we’re seeing now compared to what is on the way.Revitalization Backstage pass

What are students saying about this controversial topic?


One student said, “The new Lory Student Center is not very student center like and is essentially hard to approach. More color on the wall is needed to keep the LSC feeling alive!”

Well guess what? The new LSC is due for some really vibrant art work that will truly make the place feel for students like our little home away from home.

It has also been said “The building is plain but I understand that it’s brand new. The new center has far more natural light that we as students can enjoy that the old LSC didn’t have. The futuristic feel makes the center seem prestigious.”


Between the awesome natural light that will continue to shine through the windows of the LSC day in and day out, and the fantastic new features included in this revitalization, the future of the LSC is looking more than bright!

Whether you agree or disagree with your fellow Rams, I can assure you that the best is yet to come. We are currently in the midst of a soft opening meaning that every single day additions and modifications are being added to the LSC. Progressively artwork, vibrant colored furniture, and tons of CSU branding pieces will be added throughout the LSC.

Stay tuned! I will be sure to keep you informed on the many new additions the LSC has to offer.