Missing Flight 370’s Best (and most bizzare) Conspiracy Theories

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Today marks the two-month anniversary to the disappearance of Malaysian Airline’s Flight 370, an international passenger voyage from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. For weeks, people were buzzing about the news. Where could it be? Was there a terrorist attack? Was this on purpose? Did the pilots have a problem? Why isn’t there a crash site? Why haven’t we found debris?



When a Boeing 777 carrying 227 passengers vanishes into thin air, people talk. Conspiracy theories about the plane’s whereabouts have been sailing in all directions and I’m here to discuss a few. I’m sure you’ll find some of these to be pretty interesting….


 Alien Abduction: What kind of conspiracy story would this be if we didn’t throw extraterrestrial life into the mix? Social media sites including Facebook and Twitter have users who believe the plane was abducted into outer space, clearly explaining why evidence and debris has not been found.


 An Invisibility Cloak: No, unfortunately we’re not talking Harry Potter here. Rumors are saying that Flight 370 was equipped with technology that allowed it to literally ‘fly under the radar’. Supposedly more than 20 passengers onboard were employees of the company Semiconductor, which manufactures a wide range of technology. Beforeitnews writes, “It is conceivable that the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 plane is ‘cloaked’, hiding with high-tech electronic warfare weaponry that exists and is used.”


Act of Terrorism: This theory is one of the most widely supported. Many people are concerned about the men who boarded the flight with false identification and passports. Others say a terrorist organization intended to hijack the plane and use it at a later date. Some say smaller organizations which have conducted multiple attacks in China (where the plan was to land) had a motive to take down the aircraft. Others say the pilots were part of a group and planned to take down the plane all along. However, interestingly enough, there haven’t been any ‘credible or sound claims to support terrorist activity’, according to CNN.


 Shakira and Pitbull Predicted It: My favorite conspiracy theory includes the pop stars’ prior knowledge. According to their song ‘Get It Started’, the two clearly predicted the accident. The lyrics read, “Now it’s off to Malaysia! Two passports, three cities, two countries, one day.” Internet commenters have noticed the uncanny coincidence and say “two passports” is a reference to the stolen passports the two Iranians used to board the plane, while “three cities” refer to the capital cities of Malaysia, China, and Vietnam, and the “two countries” are Malaysia and Vietnam. Thank God for Shakira and Pitbull. Maybe we should be listening to their songs more closely.



CNN who seems a little more down to earth writes, “Other likely scenarios are a pilot suicide attempt, the piracy of the plane for some kind of economic reason, or the commandeering of the aircraft by someone with an idiosyncratic motive that will only become clear over time.”


It will be interesting to see what the upcoming weeks hold for the search and what other theories pop up surrounding the missing plane.