Festival de Cannes

Cannes Film Festival has started and Cannes has been completely transformed. Usually it is a rather quiet city and the streets are somewhat open, but now there are people everywhere. On la Croisette (the famous street) there are bunches of tourists, rich people, and cameramen. I have not yet seen anyone famous on the streets, but I did see A$ap Rocky at Gotha nightclub the other day. Apparently Robert de Niro is supposed to be there tonight. Personally I like Cannes more when the festival is not happening.

There are screenings everynight for different movies, obviously ones that are in competition are the ones on the red carpet. Many of my friends have been on the red carpet, but I have not unfortunately. Hopefully this week! There is also the screening room next to it, “Un Certain Regard”, which has films that didn’t qualify for the competition. Ryan Gosling has a film that is going to play there that I’d like to get into. Anyway, I don’t have a lot of time right now. I’ll say more about the festival at a later hour or day.