Amazon Project and Great Environmental Masters’ Program at CSU

A Mealy Amazons at Tambopata National Reserve,...
A Mealy Amazons at Tambopata National Reserve, Peru. They are perching in a tree near to a clay lick. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The environment has been a heated issue for decades. For instance, we once used CFCs for refrigerators, which caused ozone depletion in the upper atmosphere. While we may have tackled the CFC problem, air pollution and light pollution are still ongoing issues. It’s not easy to protect the environment because of the benefits society gains from bringing harm to it. But with a passion for environmental protection, you can help other students that have green knowledge fulfill the task of conversing with the environment.

Forests are an excellent place to store carbon dioxide and purify the air. However, with increasing deforestation, especially with the burning of trees leading to a depletion of storage for carbon dioxide, the amount of carbon dioxide released in the air increases, leading to the inevitable climate change. A group of Colorado State University graduate students sets out on a journey to help conserve the Amazon rainforest, specifically the Tambopata National Reserve, which will begin in June. The group is currently trying to gather enough funding through crowdfunding. The group expects to raise up to $6000. The team is part of CSU’s Conservation Leadership Through Learning (CLTL).


CSU is the first university in Colorado to establish a crowdfunding platform. CHARGE! is a new technology investment that CSU put forth to improve the quality of giving. By using more developed technology, CHARGE! makes it easy for donors to connect to the project they want to donate to. Donors can choose what project they want to donate to from the list of different projects on the CHARGE! website. The funding will be completely charitable, but 100% of the money will go to CSU programs and projects. The money you donate to CHARGE! will directly benefit students’ organizations and CSU sponsored programs. On the website of CHARGE! you can find a post about the Peruvian Amazon Initiative. Even if you can’t afford to go to a foreign country to preserve the environment, your dollars can still help people at CSU achieve this goal. Your passion for the environment will not only help improve the quality of wildlife in the area but also the lives of people who depend on the forest. Click here to donate

CLTL is a 2-year masters’ program providing students with hands-on experience with the world environment. With a rigorous curriculum, the program aims to equip students with knowledge about environmental problems, cross-cultural understanding, and leadership development. Located in the Warner College of Natural Resources, the Human Dimensions of Natural Resources Department offers two CLTL programs: CLTL Global and CLTL Mexico. These programs can provide students with unique experiences in different parts of the world and apply what they learn in school through field visits. The program has helped various places in the world improve their environment including but not limited to forests, water, wildlife, environment education, and climate change. While most past and current projects occur in Mexico, there are other sites that students can choose. International fieldwork includes Belize, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, and Peru. Students involved in these projects will work with local organizations and communities. If you are interested in protecting the environment, improving its quality and gaining experience in foreign countries, this program might be a good fit for you.