Spring Break Pt. 2: A Little Late I Know…

Athens was incredible, especially since I was able to see my friend Elle from home. Her mother and sister were there too which was great because I was able to hang out with them during the day when Elle had school. The first day I slept in a bit since I landed super late the night before. When I awoke we all went to lunch and I got a Greek Salad (obviously) and tried Moussaka, which was very good. We shopped a while, I did buy a dress, and just enjoyed each others company. We went to a really cool dinner spot where I ordered some sort of meat. The people next to us were wild and rowdy and ended up knocking everything off of their table and made a huge scene. Also, that morning Elle’s mom had gone to Starbucks while we were all sleeping and thought she saw someone famous because the person kept talking about acting and such. She took a picture and turns out it was Isla Fisher… I’m so angry I didn’t go to Starbucks that morning. It was very entertaining for me and I’m glad it happened. That night Elle took her sister and I out to meet her friends at the local bar they all go to. They were a wild bunch, and a blast.

The next day, Elle and I woke up and got a gyro which are so delicious. I had so many after that, during the Greek adventure. We went to the Acropolis and the museum next to it. Both were obviously great, I took a good few pictures. It was surprisingly hot and by the top I was sweating. There are so many stray cats and dogs as well in Greece, which are all fat. The people treat them very well it’s sort of interesting. After some more shopping we went to dinner at an Indian restaurant which was DELICIOUS. Elle’s mother paid and dedicated it to my birthday which was so very thoughtful. Afterwords we met up with her friends again and went to a different bar. I was able to see her apartment and ended up leaving my glasses there which was a hugs hassle to get them the next day. I’m an idiot. Anyway, the next day I basically hung around Greece while she was at school and met up with my friends who just flew in from Barcelona the night before. We took the metro to the airport and were off to Santorini.


Santorini was a blast. The hotel we were at was super accommodating. 5 girls were in one room, 2 in another and then me and one other girl in another room. We had a king bed to share, so romantic and comfortable. The breakfast in the morning was delicious. The greek yogurt and honey in Greece is so incomparable to any I have EVER had in my life. We went ATVing around the island the first day which was my friend birthday. We went to the black sand beach where we had lunch, I had Calamari, and bronzed for a while. It was so beautiful. After we went to a different beach to check it out, but it was getting dark and a little cold by then. We headed back to the hotel (amazing views the whole time) and got ready for dinner. We went to a restaurant where I got some roasted mussels which were delicious. For desert we had frozen yogurt at “chillbox” and it was delicious as all yogurt there is. We went to the local bar to celebrate our friends birthday and had a relatively chill night. The hotel ordered a cake for her birthday too so we had that to celebrate with.

The next morning, the 4th of April, we had the ATV’s still because we experienced a couple problems the day before, thus they gave us more time on them. We first had breakfast obviously, because it has the best Greek yogurt ever. After, we went to Oia were all the famous pictures of Santorini are taken. It was picturesque. We wandered, shopped, ate and messed with the stray animals. After more ATVing around the island we headed back around four. We got some gyros to tide us over until dinner. Since my birthday was the 5th, and our flight was the 6th at 6:00am, we decided to go out and get wild on the 4th night, and celebrate at midnight of the 5th for my birthday. I won’t get too detailed but it got a little wild. It was also a bartenders birthday at the bar we went to so it made it seem like my birthday was a big deal since they were celebrating his as well.

The next morning was a little rough. We went to the volcano by the ferry. We hiked a bit which took a while. It was a cool volcano but I was honestly just so tired and wasn’t in the mood to hike around. I did anyway… After all of that nonsense I went to bed and woke up in the afternoon. It was a chill day, I went around town checking out the shops and got some frozen yogurt. We went to dinner for my birthday at an Italian restaurant that the hotel kept encouraging us to go to. They had a cake waiting for me at the restaurant which was so nice of my friends/hotel/restaurant to plan for me. It was a great 21st birthday, on beautiful Santorini!

The next morning was the flight back to Athens, then to Brussels, then to Nice. After traveling we made it back to sweet old Cannes. It was nice to get back to the familiar. Anyway, that was my spring break! It was truly incredible, although it might not sound as wonderful due to my lack of interesting writing. Soon I will post about the last couple weeks! I hope all is well in CO.

Au revoir.

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