Other things Westboro Baptist Church would picket

If you haven’t heard, Westboro Baptist Church is picketing CSU’s graduation this spring. We’re all taken back a little, but these people are a tad radical. Here are some other things we think they would protest.

Your little sister’s dance recital


You thought it was going to be a nice interpretation of Swan Lake, but it kinda turned into a riot. Oh well, those 7-year-olds honestly sucked at dancing anyway.



When you’re brushing your teeth


I mean, I use Crest. Is that the problem? I didn’t brush this morning… Sorry? Can you get out of my house?


Important doctor’s appointments


So, apparently I’m going to hell, just because I have a sinus infection. Alright.


An awkward first date


So, I guess if we get through this, we get through anything? Though I didn’t think I’d witness this much unnecessary passion in our relationship on the first date.


When you’re taking a selfie



Wow, that’s kind of a blow to my self esteem.


Catching the season premiere of your favorite show


So, I know Game of Thrones has a lot of nudity and violence, but the plot and character development is ridiculous, get off my back.

Madi Scruggs contributed to this post.