Cannes you do the Cannes Cannes

10177283_10202808986818878_1103513427880364759_nAfter returning to France from spring break, I think my French got worse. All that English for 9 straight days without a lick of French will do it, every time. Oh well.

Class has been fine. I’m doing quite well which is always a good thing, since I am here, after all, for school. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that part.


Friday (the 11th of April) we had a themed party which was “high school stereotypes”, where we were tied by the hands to a partner. Each set of partners had to finish a bottle of wine or a 5th of alcohol, whichever they chose.  Me and my partner were “an inappropriate student/teacher relationship.” I was a student so I dressed as one (however they dress). I also wrote “love you” on my eyelids, like the student does in Indiana Jones. Thought it was rather clever. After our themed party, we went out to our classic bar Morrison’s, and just hung out there. I only stayed out and about for a little and then returned to the college and caught the bus home. It can be a hassle at times not living at the college when all of my friends do, just at times like that. Overall, though, I am definitely glad I chose the homestay.

The next day, I didn’t go on the excursion because I was too tired and my feet were not up to walking all day. I bronzed though and now I have some color, which is surprising because I haven’t been laying out a lot but I am rather tan. Cool.  Sunday we had a fun night at the beach where we all had a little wine and just lounged by the beach. Our French friend Marco brought his guitar and was playing it as people sat in a circle.  A friend and I wrote something and put it in the wine bottle and then threw it in the ocean. Part of me feels terrible for littering in the sea but the other part feels badass for having a message in a bottle floating around the Mediterranean. Shucks- I guess it’s too late to take it back now.

The weather is getting very pleasant so we have been having beach days more often. They are the best! I haven’t fully jumped in the water yet because it’s not particularly hot outside and the water is cold. Don’t worry, my time will come in the near future.

During the week we all just chill on our terrace, go into town for groceries and shopping for essentials, and go to the beach. Many people go out on karaoke Wednesday but I try not to go out too much on the week days due to my medication. Friday there was a play some of us went to. It was kind of confusing and I was feeling a little sick so I left at half-time (aka intermission). I felt rude but at least it was when everyone else was going to the bathroom and such. After that, all of us went out to Morrison’s and Station, the bar across from the train station. My friend Victoria and I were singing “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban because some guy was singing it. We stole his thunder and he was not happy at all at us.

Saturday we made Megabed! This means that we took three beds (in one of the three person dorms) and put them all next to each other. It was so much fun because all we did was lounge and watch movies. I also practiced my duet with my friend which we are going to perform on the beach one day perhaps. We went to dinner at La Piazza that night where I got Seafood pasta, with mussels, squid, and something else. It was delicious. Afterwords we went back to megabed and had a 7 person movie night and celebrated in fun ways, also with many snacks. Unfortunately the next day we had to put away megabed, and it was so sad.

Easter was not anything to special for me. Many of my friends went to the bars in celebration of a birthday. I was going to go but ended up staying in because my Achilles tendon was in much pain. I watched Flight with Denzel Washington, which turned out to be a good movie.

I really wanted to be home with my family to help celebrate Easter and play with my niece and nephews, and to eat the delicious food we eat every Easter. We didn’t have school Easter Monday, though, which was awesome. I didn’t really do anything, but it was a change to be able to sleep in!

This weekend we are headed to Provence for a weekend trip, so stay in touch for those great experiences.


See you soon!