Why Scott Summers is the Worst

Even though Cyclops is one of the most famous X-Men, it does not excuse the fact that he is a giant jerk. Fans everywhere can write pages upon pages about how Scott is a terrible leader and a horrible person in general, but here are just a few observations gathered around the internet…

SS affairHe is unfaithful to everyone


After Jean Grey’s supposed death, he left the X-Men and married someone who looked exactly like her. But once Scott found out that Jean was still alive, he immediately abandoned his wife and son to form the new X-Factor team. He married Jean and returned to X-Men to take Professor X’s place after he was arrested. Then he left the X-Men. Then he came back to fight Apocalypse and left again. This time he returned unsatisfied with his marriage and started a psychic affair with Emma Frost. I can just hear the excuse in my mind: “It doesn’t count because it was in my mind!”

He is definitely not a team player

It’s not news that Wolverine and Cyclops didn’t get along (partly because Logan once kissed Jean), but no matter what team they were always bickering. It’s hard to keep up team morale when the two leaders are always arguing. In one incarnation of X-Force team, Scott blatantly admitted he was using the team to do grunt work for the X-Men. Not only did he place this team in trouble, he sent the very inexperienced X-23 basically into no man’s land. Not to mention he thought that young Hope was ready to be a vessel for the Phoenix force when it practically killed Jean Grey.

SS StornHe always has to challenge authority

Even when he was “retired” he couldn’t deal with not being in charge. He was growing restless with his wife and son when he decided to take back leadership of the X-Men from Storm. Even without her powers, Storm whooped his ass. He has clashed with Professor X on many occasions. During the recent Avengers v. X-Men arc, he refused to follow Professor X’s lead in handling the Phoenix force with the Avengers. He decided that he and a small group of followers would know how to control it. Oh and Scott eventually gets the Phoenix force and kills Professor X (and attacking lover Emma Frost to get more power). Like I said, authority issues.

He is immature and insanely needy

After the traumatic events of fighting Apocalypse, Jean tried to console Scott with no avail. He’d rather sulk in isolation and ignore X-Men teammates. But when Professor X was under the influence of an evil parasitic being, Jean Grey was left to continue to run the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning and not able to give Scott as much attention. This led him to feel abandoned and sought out attention elsewhere (i.e. Emma Frost).

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