Throwback Thursday: Meet the Collegian’s Interactive News Team

Ever wonder who’s posting the Collegian’s stories online and on social media? Updates go online, pictures are posted on Instagram, but who are the ones behind the screen?

The Collegian’s Interactive News Team keeps the paper’s digital presence rolling, and what better time for an introduction than Throwback Thursday?



Bailey Constas

Junior Journalism Major, Music, Stage and Sports minor.
Social Media Editor at The Collegian, INT Leader.
Host of “From the Retro to the Metro” on KCSU
Then (left) and Now (right)

“I was a sassy fashionista when I was younger and would only wear skirts.

Not much has changed, except maybe pants.”

Bailey on Twitter 


Keegan Williams

Senior Journalism Major, Sociology minor.
Digital Content Producer at The Collegian, Opinion Beat and
Multimedia Project Manager on the INT,
Co-Host of “The Witching Hour” on KCSU
Then (left) and Now (right)

“I just exuded awkwardness 24/7 when I was in high school.

In college, I basically learned how to stop caring so much.”

 Keegan on Twitter


Madi Scruggs

Junior Communication Studies and English Major.
Blogs Manager at The Collegian, A&E and Life Beats on the INT.
Co-Host of “The Witching Hour” on KCSU
Then (left) and Now (right)

“In high school, I was an overachiever and I was super annoying…


In college, not much has changed, but I know not to do side-ponytails any more.”

Madi on Twitter


Hannah Hemperly

Sophomore Journalism and Ethnic Studies Major.
Features Beat Reporter at The Collegian, News Beat on the INT,
Co-Host of “Hannah and Star Make the News” on KCSU
Then (right) and Now (left)

“In high school, I discovered Portlandia…and took a lot of naps,

I still do that, but I work a lot too. I don’t know.”

Hannah on Twitter 


Star Donaldson

Sophomore Journalism and Communications Major.
Producer at CTV Talks, CTV Beat on INT.
Co-Host of “Star and Hannah Make the News” on KCSU
Then (right) and Now (left)

“I was a scene kid and cheerleader in high school.

So… at least I’ve come back from that.”

 Star on Twitter


Haleigh Hamblin

Junior Journalism Major with French and Political Science interest.
Assistant Sports Editor at The Collegian, Sports Beat on the INT.
Then (left) and Now (right)

“In high school I was involved in anything from varsity sports, showchoir, theatre and AP Art.

At CSU, I work myself to the bone. With two jobs, and being a full-time student, a personal  and a social life is almost impossible. Though I am always available to get a cup of coffee or cold beer.”

Haleigh on Twitter 


Jasmine Kabera

Senior Journalism Major, Broadcasting focus. Minor in English.
INT Content Producer.
Then (left) and Now (right)

“In high school I was an introverted nerd with a ton of piercings.

Now, I’m just an introverted nerd with a college degree (coming soon)!

In all seriousness though, my time at CSU brought me out of my shell and helped me ‘grow up’ . . .more or less. “

Jasmine on Twitter 


Nicole Barton

Junior Journalism and Liberal Arts Major.
Blogger at The Collegian, INT contributor.
Then (left) and Now (right)

“I was a band geek, choir nerd, and drama kid. You know that annoying girl singing show-tunes in the hallway? That was me.

In college, not much has changed. I still hold on to my musical-self by being president of the RAMblings, an a cappella group on campus. I still frequently burst into song.”