Spring Break is Almost Here!

It has been a rather chill week here in Cannes. I haven’t been able to go out much with my friends because I’m on new medication for my feet, and it is helping A LOT. I am absolutely thrilled about it because it is just in time for Spring Break! On Friday, we (some girls at the college) and I are flying to Barcelona. We stay there for a couple of days and then head to Athens where I will be meeting up with my friend Elle. I’m SUPER excited to see her, and her sister and mom. It is going to be incredible. After Athens, the college girls and I head to Santorini for four days where another girl and I will be spending our birthdays. So.Ex.Cit.Ed. I am unsure whether or not I will be bringing anything to type on during the vacation so I may be late on blogging this coming week and a half, but I’m sure I’ll have plenty of stories when I return.

Thursday we went to Grasse, a city near Cannes. There is a museum of perfume there because I think it’s the perfume capital of the world… but I could be mistaken. We made “our own” perfume but it smelled awful. We had to follow a recipe and weren’t allowed to add our own ingredients. I guess it was a cool experience but I was sad I didn’t get to take away my own personal scent.


This past Sunday was one of the best days here I have had. Me and a couple of the girls at the college went out to the terrace, which is facing the Mediterranean, and did whatever felt right. The night before, we had went to “Break the Floor” which was a break dancing competition in Cannes. The things people can do with their bodies is just incredible I tell ya. Of course a group of South Koreans won. I swear one of them was some sort of assassin because his body moved like a ninja or something of that nature. My mind was blown. We made eye contact I think.

Yesterday, four of the girls and I went on a hike not too far from our college. It was very beautiful but not very challenging. I was ready for a mountain when in reality I faced a hill. It was larger than that but still. We could see most of Cannes, and other cities around. We really enjoyed our time up there.

My roommate Yvette and I normally have our own room here at the home-stay but this week, and the week when we return from spring break, there are other foreigners staying here, so I had to move in with her, top bunk style. There have been no problems for me thus far and I can honestly say we’ve been bonding a little since we’re forced in a tiny room. She’s been teaching me a little bit about Asian countries.

As I said, not too much went on this week but it was a great one nonetheless.

See you (possibly) after spring break!



All attend CSU!!!!