Midnight in Paris

Paris holds the key to your heart. It made national news because of the pollution this weekend. I could definitely see the smog, especially from the Eiffel Tower. The Metro was free because they were trying to get as many people off the road as possible.

Anyway,  I went to the Eiffel Tower and climbed as far up as one possibly could. I fell in love at the top and it was so romantic. Just joking I didn’t but next time I just know I will. I went to musée d’Orsay which was neat. It was there that a man from Dominican Republic tried (with the worst English ever) to woo me. Didn’t happen but he asked for my sisters number if she was single. Of course I gave it to him because obviously my sister wants to date a random Dominican Republic man from half-way across the world… weird. I happened to get a picture in the museum even though pictures aren’t allowed. Plus I was wearing my CSU shirt so it’s very special. Apparently all of the museums in Paris, or at least most, are free to students!


We went out on the town at nights in Paris which was fun. My friend from America is studying in Paris so I was able to meet up with her. We bought a bottle of wine each and drank them by The Seine. It was really fun. There is a chipotle in Paris which was so delicious. There aren’t very many Mexican food places here in Cannes so it was just a treat to eat some chipotle and have a taste of home. On Thursday night we had dinner on a boat right under the Eiffel Tower, it was amazing.

One of my friends got pick-pocketed and felt it right away and started yelling at the guy she thought took it and made a scene and he gave it back it was AWESOME. I never thought a pick-pocketer would be outsmarted like that. The receptionists at the hotel were awful, so many of the students have made complaints to them. Parisians are quite rude. Overall it was a fantastic trip to Paris but I am happy to be back in Cannes!

St- Patty’s day was super fun. I took a bunch of NSAIDS and medicine to give me the incentive to go out with everyone. We went to a bar called Morrison’s, which we go to every weekend, and the road was shut down because there were so many people.

I’ve been skipping quite a bit of school because I don’t like walking anymore with my diseased feet. It’s bad, but I don’t know what else to do. Oh well… when in France? I hope all is well in the states and I miss everyone!