7 Strong Questions to Ask During an Interview

Interviews (Photo credit: David Davies)

There are two parts to asking questions in an interview: first, a job interview always goes both ways. The employer is looking to see if you would be a good fit, and you’re trying to see if you would be happy in that role. Part of that is asking questions to find out if it’s an environment you’d be happy in. Second, employers look for you to ask thorough questions about the position and the company, to make sure you’re thinking critically about your future with the company.

These three questions will help you see if you’ll like working in this environment:


  1. What is the culture like?
  2. What type of management style would I be working with?
  3. What is your favorite and least favorite part about working for this company?

These three questions will help you show you’re interested in doing well in this position:

  1. In what ways will my performance be measured?
  2. What do people generally struggle with in this position when they first begin?
  3. What would you say is the most important quality for a person in this role to succeed?

This question shows you’re interested in staying with the company for a while:

  1. What are the company’s goals for the next five years, and how does this role support those goals?

Getting comfortable in interviews is not easy. Don’t be mad if you flub one or two. You’ll get better with practice, and there will always be another one along the way!