Pre-Valentine Postage

Tomorrow is the day of love, and what better way to spend it than to be in France? I think a group of us are going out on the town and going to a club called Access, or something like that. I’m not necessarily into club life but I have not given it a chance yet in Cannes, so who knows maybe I will like it! Sunday we are going on a day excursion to Monaco. I am really excited to see Monte Carlo, where we will be going towards the end of the day. There I will be able to gamble and win millions and come back a star.

Some things I have noticed about Cannes (France) are as follows:


  1. So many women have dogs, especially little ones. They use them as accessories it seems but I’m not fooled…
  2. Walking down the street there are only one pair of yoga pants in sight, mine.
  3. It’s true people don’t smile as the walk down the street, but they do say “Bonjour” so that’s a plus.
  4. Everyone smokes, I know I already said this but I had to repeat it because it’s a weight loss plan for people, luckies, but pas pour moi.
  5. Hi.

Two days ago we went to a museum, it was very small and not that thrilling for me personally but we got to climb up to the top of this tower and the view was AMAZING. I’ll upload photos maybe.


Last night was Karaoke night, I didn’t sing. I got too scared. I didn’t let my hair down. Everyone else in the group that went out gave it a shot and sounded awful so I could not bring myself to endure the embarrassment HAHA I only joke they all had voices like angels. Today I had my first exam, it went all right I would say. After lunch we went to the public library and watched the film The Intouchables, it was incredible and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading subtitles during movies. I decided today I’m going to linger around the library often because right next to it is an amazing castle with residents. I need them to take me under their wing and show me castle life.

I was on the bus on Wednesday and there were Mormon missionariesso I spoke with them obviously. Now we are great friends, not really, but I think I’m going to go to church next Sunday since this Sunday we are going to Monaco. Who knows what sorts of connections I can have by meeting more people.

Monday I go into the rheumatologist because my foot and finger and hip have been killing me. I am unsure if it is due to the constant walking or because my gout/arthritis/whatever is acting up. Either way I hate it and want it to go away forever. Ugh.



Well it’s just a short post but I don’t want to be swamped with things to say like last time so stay tuned for more!

Au revoir