NYFW Fashion Trends Fall 2014

Happy Thursday!

As promised, here is part two in my NYFW trends coverage. Next week, I will focus on London, the week after Milan and the following week, Paris, so stay tuned for those posts.


Today, I will be focusing this post on the fashion trends that walked the runways in New York. There was a cohesive theme that the designers all seems to follow consisting of four parts: easy volume, layering, tactile fabrics for outerwears including knits.

Easy Volume:

If there was a term to encompass everything fall 2014 is going to be about, it’s easy volume. The idea is very relaxed, very comfortable. These looks lack construction and tailoring in comparison to looks of the past. After all, most of us want to dress comfortably, right?

Derek Lam (style.com)

Mismatched Layering:

Another trend that was seen in New York was the idea of mismatched layering. This was seen in the form of layering things like dresses, skirts and tunics over loose pant shapes. The idea of easy volume continues through dirndls (a circular cut skirt gathered at the waist, falling below the knee) and midiskirts paired with big knits and trapeze line tops.
Edun (style.com)

Layered Cocooning: 

When most of winter is encompassed by the Polar Vortex, we don’t want to wear anything other than big knit sweaters layered with various types of outerwear. Layering goes along with the relaxed dress code that NYFW seems to have.
Prabal Gurung (style.com)


I can’t even begin to tell you how many different outerwear styles I saw on the runways. From chubbies to parkas to capes to cagoules, blousons and pinafores, outerwear dominated the runway. Within all of these styles are the choice of fabric. There was anything from quilted to leopard to checks and plaids. When layered with knits, this perfectly goes along with the easy, comforting cocooning theme.
Kate Spade (style.com)

In addition to this trend, the colors that are going to be big is pine green, oxblood, white, shades of brown, red, and winter pastels.