NYFW Beauty Trends Fall 2014

Happy Tuesday!

As promised, my series on fashion month will officially begin with coverage of the beauty trends as seen on the runway in New York. The fall fashion shows are always my favorite, so I’m excited to be sharing the beauty trends we will likely see come September.


The categories will be divided up in makeup, hair and nails. Let’s start with makeup, shall we?


While there are many more makeup trends that came out of fashion week, I decided to mention the ones that saw as the most striking; something interesting and somewhat new, that hasn’t resurfaced year after year. Here are my top three:

1 | Chocolate-berry toned lips/eyes

Flashback to the 90s, much? While fall is known for its darker color palette mostly filled with vampy reds and berries, this is a much needed reprieve from the monotonous colors we see. Rodarte does this well in their geek-chic collection:


2 | 40s glamour meets punk

Since when does one pair the film noir glamour and sophistication of the 40s with the loud edge of punk? Of course it would be a prominent name like Zac Posen. A combination of edgy, modern makeup with a red-orange lip makes the perfect formula for 40s with an edge. Not to mention that the orange lipstick in it of itself was a bold move for a collection as ladylike inspired as his.


3 | A natural face

I know what you are thinking: been there, done that. It has been there, but a natural face is more likely seen for spring fashion. Usually, fall means the more makeup, the better. It’s nice to see a less makeup, the better look on the runways this season. Just take Marc Jacobs for example:



(Yes, this is Kendall Jenner!)


In terms of hair, it was all over the place. As you can probably tell from the photos above, each designer chose a different hairstyle for their models, causing a lack of consistency on the runway, which is totally all right. However, there were two that I did want to point out:

1 | Ombre tipped ponytail

Just when you thought ombre was a fad that was in the past, it was seen back on the runways for the fall. Meskita exhibited a dramatic version of this trend for their runway show in the form of a sleek ponytail:



2 | 60s chignon

The 60s aren’t the only thing resurfacing up in eye makeup (winged eyeliner was also a makeup trend for fall) but in hair as well. Designers like Christian Siriano showed lady like chignons as part of his fall collection. What an effortless, chic way to do your hair on day two!




For the fall, there were a lot of interesting nail trends that were shown. Ever thought a half moon reverse manicure was possible? Yeah, neither did I.One overall trend I did notice with nails this season is that simplicity is bliss. They are more simple and clean compared to manicures of seasons past. Here are a few that caught my attention:

1 | Half moon reverse mani

Talk about a mouthful! As complicated as these are to probably do, they look pretty cool! Very simple, yet very striking.


2 | White and neutral graphics

Typically a spring combination, white and neutrals combined showed at fashion week. Again, it is very clean, sophisticated and modern with an edge. Band of Outsiders are the ones who showed this lovely trend:


3 | Glitter, glam and glitz

This is the closest fashion week got to substantial nail art. Along with some of the clothes shown, glittery glitzy nails were all the rage. Compared to the sophisticated predecessors, these nails are fun, perfect for the end of year holidays, or when you just feel the need to let out your inner diva. Libertine shows us how its done:


Hope this helped get the gist of what beauty trends walked the catwalk. Stay tuned for fashion trends on Thursday!