Keeping up with a Landgren

Keeping up with blogging is quite the task while studying abroad, let me tell you! With all the studying I’ve been doing… gosh, it’s difficult. It has not been raining often which is amazing because I love walking around Cannes, and La Bocca, where I live with my homestay woman. Obviously I do this in broad daylight on the main roads, not talking to anyone. I feel mean not smiling but I guess it’s better to be safe than to be American.

Since my last post, we went to Monaco. It was very clean and filled with rich people and of course little dogs, who I want to throw off of a cliff.  We went to a museum and an aquarium and I was able to touch little sharks. We weren’t supposed to touch them if we had any type of open wound, but I wanted them to come bite open the pointer finger on my right hand because it has grown to the size of a sausage!


Monte Carlo was certainly prestigious with drinks starting at 16 euros. Some of the people in our group bought them but that just wasn’t the life for me. I’m almost positive I was the biggest hoodrat in the casino, wearing my Final Fantasy X shirt while the older people were wearing fancy dresses and suits. Whatever.

Overall Monaco was very interesting but it is not fit for poor people or rascals, like my group. I was excited to get back to France. On the way back, though we stopped by Eze, which is a small village in France. It was really beautiful but of course I didn’t bring my camera for that part of the trip. Have no fear, I will steal other of my friend’s pictures and claim them as mine.


I’ve been watching some French movies like Les Petits Mouchoirs and Ne le Dis a Personne to improve my French. They’re actually really good movies even if you can’t understand what they are saying. I’ve started making friends with other Frenchies, Germanies, and other nationalities, which is awesome but more often than not we all speak English which is unfortunate since my French probably isn’t thriving as much as it would if we all tried French. I’ve also noticed my English is going downhill a bit.

We started our seminar classes last week, each from 13:30-17:00. I have them Monday and Thursday which are now my least favorite days. The classes are interesting but just knowing they are 3.5 hours long is dreadful. Usually once a week we have “Crepe Night” or “Wine and Cheese Night” which are always delicious and a blast. Tomorrow is “Soirée Dansante” which is dance night so we’ll see how that one goes. 

Going out on the weekends/weekdays is always a blast. We usually go to Morrison’s which is an Irish pub and after to Kingdom which is a club I believe, or at least we seem to turn it into one my dancing on the couches. This past weekend we went to the beach and just lounged and hydrated all day. This coming weekend is going to be a ball with the Oscars coming up, Mardi Gras, and St. Patty’s! Also we are going to the Carnival de Nice on Sunday. The only complaint I have is my feet STILL are dying and now some of my fingers. They are sausagey and hurtful and evil and the medicine I was given is not helping. Only complaint I shall give.


Some of my homies. Our faces are bent.

Au revoir! Vous me manquez.