Greek life is helping students be leaders of CSU

We always question the image of Greek Life. One or two negative news makes us think Greek Life is making good college students a failure because our stereotypical image of Greek Life never changes. Well I am here to give another point of view about the students who join Greek Life.

When you walk around campus, you only see the Greeks who are wearing their letters. You will not know those students who won’t wear their letters every single day. Well for those who do wear letters, they are showing to you how they are as students in Colorado State University. These are the students you will remember wearing letters and you will see them again in attires that would represent what they do in positions that are related to ASCSU, Orientation leader, Admission Ambassadors and many more.


These students are wearing their letters to prove every single day to you that Greek Life is not about what you think it is and upholding that standard, you will see that these are the same students on a Monday morning that they were on a Friday night.

When you are choosing yourself to be a Greek, you are choosing to be in a life where you have support from the people who will push you to do great things and hold you accountable when you fall. Having that support system creates a brotherhood or a sisterhood and joining Greek Life for that purpose is how these students end up pushing themselves to be leaders on campus and after graduation.