Go to Cannes for a French Baguette

Cannes is just beautiful let me tell you, with the Mediterranean on your left and the French Alps to your right, you get the best of both worlds like M-Cyrus. The last week has been busy so I will start from where I left off. On Saturday, February 1st, we arrived in Cannes and went straight to the college for an orientation. The only thing separating the college and the Mediterranean sea are train tracks. Unfortunately it has been quite rainy these past 9 days, with a sunny day here and there. Have no fear though, it is supposed to be sunny for the rest of the week.



Anyway, after the orientation my host family (individual) came and picked my roommate and I up from the college. She is a 61 year old, single woman. I like to call her ‘Ma’ to the other students but I haven’t said it to her yet, nor will I if I want to live. Just joking, she’s really sweet and has been very helpful. Her loft is cozy with three bedrooms. My roommate and I were supposed to pay an extra fee to have our own rooms but she is letting us for free since no one lives in them. For breakfast she puts out bread, of course, fruits, jam, crackers, and coffee. I’m sort of tired of eating the same thing but I guess the breakfast at the college isn’t much better so I feel better about my life. I do get lunch at the college though and it’s usually decent. Dinner I am left to fend for myself and it has been working out fine with these fancy dates I have been asked to go on…



My room. I sleep in that bed. Nope not that one, that one.


We took a placement test on Monday or Sunday I don’t remember, and our first day of class was Tuesday. My teacher is just a ball of joy and makes fun of us a lot. He told me he loved me today and you know what? I turned around and said it right back to him. There are only 8 of us in this level class so we get special attention and extra help which is useful I suppose.

The French are all so skinny those lucky ducks. Whatever. I don’t know how or why since bread is served at every meal in every form. They do smoke like chimneys though so that could probably explain a thing or two.


During the week, us American students went on a city tour and saw all of the nooks and cranny’s of the city. We went to an opera on Wednesday which was in Italian with French subtitles, it was quite interesting but I was so tired I fell asleep on my hand during the second half. I’ve been trying to get my American phone to work but the international plan isn’t working on my phone. I guess my flip is too advanced to work with. For now I just communicate via FB and e-mail. Friday was our friend Grace’s birthday so we went out on the town to celebrate for it. Saturday night I stayed at Ma’s because she was having a party for her daughter’s birthday who turned 30. There were so many conversations going on in French it was too wild to handle. I also will add that Ma and her daughter have pictures with Marion Cotillard because Ma’s son works for her. I’m so jelly of them all the time.



Yesterday six other girls and I planned our spring break and bought the plane tickets and hostels/hotels. We are flying to Barcelona and staying there for several days, then going to Athens for several days, flying to Santorini for 4 days which is where me and another girl from the group will be celebrating our 21st birthdays. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

There is probably so much more I should write about but it is too hard to cover 9 days in one post so I’ll just have to think about it later. More pictures to come in my next post, maybe. Bye bye now.