College classroom crushes: The struggle illustrated

Every semester, there’s that one person who, over time, turns into your classroom crush. Whether it’s staring at the back of their head, avoiding contact, or even mustering up the courage to make small talk, having a crush in a class can be an awkward situation. It feels like you might as well be doodling mushy, middle school love notes all over your textbooks.

First, you walk into class, pinpointing your crush’s location.



“That. That is mine.


Next, you casually sit near them… Or right next to them.


“Don’t mind me, just here because I value my education… Is that something you’d look for in a boyfriend?”


Then comes the staring. You try not to be obvious, but…


“It’s like his hair was sculpted by the gods themselves.”


Poorly, you try to make conversation.


“…because you look really sweet…. I’m sorry, please forget that I said that.”



You “accidentally” drop your pen. A little help?


“Can you grab that pen for me? And write down your number too, maybe? It’s for… a project.”


More staring.


“I was totally spacing out there. Definitely don’t wanna look at you! No… no! Not what I meant!”


Watching them leave the room, heartbroken.


“We haven’t named our children yet!”


And finally obsessing over everything that just went down.



Crushes are weird. Crushes in college are weirder. They feel so middle school and juvenile, but sometimes they also just get you out of bed and give you a reason to attend your 8 AM class.