The official logo of Taglit-Birthright Israel
The official logo of Taglit-Birthright Israel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people in college love getting things for free. While walking around campus you can get free food, pens and many other things. One thing you do not really hear about is getting a free trip to a foreign country.

Birthright is a 10-day free program where Jewish college students, age 18-26, travel to Israel and explore the country. The only thing that the student has to pay for is there plane ticket to New York. It is where fellow Jewish students from other colleges in the nation go to explore their homeland and their Judaism.


During your time on Birthright you will be able to hike, discuss, have social events, go on camel and jeep rides, see the ancient sites you have read so much about, and more. There are many different trips that you can choose from going on a special needs trip, where you are paired with someone who has either a physical or developmental need. Also, you can go with students just from your state or a program you have been in since you were young, like Hillel.

Birthright gives students the opportunity to go on a custom trip and provides what students want to get out of Israel. It is a one of a kind trip that will not disappoint. For more information, how to apply, and to see if you are eligible go to

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