8 professors you would want to live vicariously through

It’s a little odd to think as students, we spend a significant amount of hours with our professors every semester. Spending so much time with someone, you have to wonder what they’re like outside of the classroom. Here’s a few types of professors we wish we could live vicariously through in the form of yearbook-style cartoon doodles.

The science teacher trying to secretly save the world


2014-02-27 20.50.56

This humble professor is always entrenched in their research, and might lose their students in passionate lectures about some kind of vegetable, but little did you know they might just be on the way to solving world hunger.





2014-02-27 20.49.20

Vagabond or professor?

You see them napping on the couch at your favorite coffee shop, or speaking in some foreign accent on their phone on the plaza. They’re incredibly elusive and mysterious, but you’re not sure if they’re in the library to mooch off of the wifi or to grade papers.

2014-02-27 20.47.12

The teacher who just had a baby

Congrats on your beautiful new miracle, but we’re not sure we’d want to vicariously live through the dirty diapers and spit ups. They constantly talk about their child as the best things to happen, but you know she and her partner only slept thirty minutes last night.

2014-02-27 20.44.34


Professor who’s really mean but enjoys life outside class

This professor might be easily irritable in class and give 100 pages of reading a night, but you just have a feeling they would be absurdly approachable outside the confines of the classroom. They like to hike, have a beer on a Saturday afternoon and long walks with their dog.

2014-02-27 20.35.52

The slacker with a heart of gold

He’s the kind of teacher who’s constantly late to class because he’s been smoking outside before class. And he’s only on campus the hour they teach on Tuesday and Thursday, but they’ll send you the letter of recommendation they wrote for your review for that internship you’ve been hoping for.




2014-02-27 20.33.10

The nice teacher you don’t want to make mad

She seems nice enough on syllabus day, but mention you’ll turn in an assignment late and that’s the end of your pleasant relationship. Between her passive aggressive emails and overly harsh grading you can only wonder what happens in her home life.


2014-02-27 20.31.25

The cool sociology teacher who’s been places

He’s read every C. Wright Mills book and he might have been married a few times, but he just seems like he’s got it all figured out. Not to mention frequent out of town trips for an obscure reason in a country you’re not sure how to pronounce, but you respect him for it.



2014-02-27 20.25.36

The young, pretentious and overly hip teacher

No matter how hard you try, your poetry just can not match up to this master of the word. They’re super enthusiastic about their work and they usually have a lot of tattoos. But they play good music before class, so you can’t complain too much.









Photo Illustrations by: Keegan Williams