10 things college students hold onto from their childhood

For the past two weeks The Lego Movie has ruled the box office. More students are going to the movies to see their favorite building-block characters in action. We decided to ask around and see what other things college students still enjoy doing from their childhood. Here are some other things that college students just can’t seem to let go of.



1. Stuffed Animals

Whether you got a stuffed bear last year or you’ve had that stuffed bunny since birth. College students can’t get rid of their favorite stuffed buddies. Though we have a big collection, we continue to want them. We may get them on Valentines Day from that special someone, or try our best at the claw machine to win a new best friend. These little plush animals will always have a special place in our hearts.

Different types of stuffed toys


2. Video Games

You know you still keep that Game Cube and Xbox 360 in your dorm room. Mario Kart, Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and  Super Smash Bros just to name a few. We still have tournaments with our friends, or spend a lonely night in your room just trying to get the high score you got back in 6th grade…

A match between Mario, Kirby, Bowser and King ...


3. Building Forts

These can be all kinds. Blanket forts, snow forts, all the forts.

English: A blanket fort suspended on strings.


4. Pokemon

This Japanese media franchise had it all. A TV show, movies, video games, and cards. Naturally as kids we loved it all, and still do. This is because they keep coming up with new ways to make it awesome. In the new game there are new mega-evolutions and you can finally move diagonally! Yep, we still “gotta catch ’em all.”


Pokémon Yellow



5. Napping

School, work, internships all add up. We have to sleep whenever we can. Naps are sometimes the only way we can get through life.



6. Kid Food

Lunchables are still a suitable meal, and so are Lucky Charms. We eat a lot of mac and cheese, and we put peanut butter on almost anything. College kids eat like they are 12 years old.

Lucky Charms 50th anniversary


7. Disney 

The Disney movie “Frozen” hit theaters over thanksgiving break and college kids can’t seem to “Let it Go.” Something about the awkward characters randomly bursting into song that just keeps us coming back. It’s also fun to go back and try to find the adult references in your favorite old movies.



8. Nerf Guns

Humans versus Zombies is just a prime example. Dressing up and putting on war paint and bringing out our awesome guns is very liberating. Why we hold onto these kid weapons? Because they are awesome. That’s why.

spaced-out sean with two nerf guns c/o austin ...


9. Cartoons

Spongebob, Johnny Bravo, Dexter’s Lab, and Scooby Doo. All of these are perfect for Sunday mornings on the couch. And admit it, the theme songs still get stuck in your head.



10. Playgrounds

We can’t resist the swings, even the baby ones. And trying to fit your adult-sized hips down the slides is a challenge we all accept.