Cannes Bound. Vive la France!

Oh hello, my name is Cassie Landgren and welcome to my new blog, Cannes you do the Cannes Cannes.

As my title suggests, I am studying abroad in Cannes, France- NOT Paris. 48 hours and I’ll be flying over the ocean, with millions of Great White sharks beneath me to get to London. We stay in London for 2 or so days, which is a fantastic way to start the experience- nothing better then Bangers and Mash while staring into the eyes of a Buckingham Palace guard. Who knows, maybe they’ll budge this time!


My family keeps pounding the idea into my mind: don’t get taken and/or get into a car with anyone named Peter.  It’s sort of freaking me out, but other than that, my excitement is through the roof.

I’ve been contemplating about what to do during the flight, and I think I have decided to do it Bridesmaids style; it seems rather smart to me.  Unfortunately, I have to miss my brothers birthday and the Super Bowl, which I am so sad about, but I guess I’ll be doing better things.

Welp, I don’t have much else to say right now as I am still in Colorado, so stay tuned for more beautiful posts!