Top Beauty Trends for 2014

As promised, I have a beauty post for you guys today! What better way to kick off my new blogging schedule (and 2014) with the top beauty trends for 2014? Some of these are trends among the celebrity crowd, while others were seen on the runways in the fall. Take these for what you will, but expect to see buzz about them in the industry all year long.

1 | Orange 


As seen on the runways in New York and Milan, orange on the lips and nails are the way to go for the spring. As much as I love to follow to the trends, orange is not the color for me. Feel the same way? Not to worry, expect to see plenty of orchid, as it is the Pantone color of the year.

 2 | Designer hair tools

I have a love/hate relationship with this trend. Don’t get me wrong, I have bought the concept that “designer is better” in the past, but I’m sure the $30 flat iron from Remington can do the job just as well as the CHI or GHD.

 3 | “The Juice Generation”

This has created major buzz in celebrity-ridden places such as L.A. Now, juicing is easy and accessible for anyone to do (they sell kits on Amazon). Apparently they contain all necessary vitamins and minerals in a single cup.

 4 | Dance

Not only is it an amazing stress reliever, Dance is also a great workout (Zumba anyone?). It provides a full body workout that can tone and strengthen just as well as yoga or pilates.

 5 | VitaGlow

Maybe not for the younger readers, but there is a new anti-aging technique where instead of being a topical that reaches only the surface, it penetrates deep into the skin. VitaGlow is a series of injectable vitamins that act as a nourishing multi-vitamin for the skin. Nutrients are delivering instantly and the glow lasts for up to six months.

 6 | Chops


In 2013, many notable celebrities chopped their long locks in favor for shorter hair. In 2014, this trend will continue. If you are daring enough, go ahead, make the cut. If a pixie is not for you, maybe a shorter style will be more in your favor. New year, new hair!

 7 | Subdued nails

Nail art was the biggest craze in 2013, but now a more subdued manicure adds a level of sophistication to any look. Just look at the runway shows from 3.1 Phillip Lim or Nina Ricci.

8 | New Faces

Many new models and celebrities have been made the faces of some pretty iconic brands. Gaga was brought to Versace, Lively for L’Oreal Paris, and model Cara Delevingne for YSL.

9 | Vegans Rule the World

In addition to the gluten free food trend, many celebrities such as Jay Z and Beyonce are going vegan to prove that it is no longer for the extreme, but rather for the moderate.

10 | The It Hair Color 

What’s a year without having an “it” hair color? This year, it just happens to be bleached out tips with dark roots.

11 | Roses Return

Many perfumes are returning to roses as the main floral scent for the year. Chloe’s Roses de Chloe is one of many perfumes embracing this timeless flower.

12 | Body Transformations

This trend is to keep the old young. From exfoliation to collagen-boosting lights, these trends are now becoming mainstream as more can do them from the home rather than visiting a professional. Proof? Just look at the VS Angels.

13 | Even Out

Innovative products that can be used in the evening are giving Botox a run for it’s money. Brands such as Shiseido are reaching for naturals such as pearl extracts and super yeast to even out those wrinkles.

14 | Beauty and Fashion Brands Unite

Designers that typically produce clothes are now dipping into the beauty industry, offering a cosmetics line under their name. Just look at Marc Jacobs who produced a successful makeup line for Sephora.


Hope this was helpful in guiding your beauty for the next year. So much to try, so little time!

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