CSU Greek Life: Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Institute

With returning to school and starting a new year hard on academics, there is always something for Greek leaders to build a foundation on for what they will do in the calendar year. Therefore, enforcement of strong planning and positive goals need to be in place at the start of the year. Since it is so important to have all these discussions and set goals in the start, Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life hosted a retreat at Estes Park from Jan. 24 to 26 known as the Fraternity and Sorority Leadership Institute.

The retreat was attended by all Greek Councils and the respective chapter presidents. This three day retreat consisted of sessions and workshops helping Greek leaders learn what is expected from them over the course of their leadership positions while also challenging them to think how to portray Greek life in a positive way throughout campus.


The retreat helped build relationships within the four councils that are at Colorado State University: Interfraternity Council, Multicultural Greek Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council and Panhellenic Association. It was hosted to help emerging leaders form an action plan on how they will tackle all the roadblocks they face to prove to the campus the reason they joined and are a part of Greek Life is because they took an oath to live their college experience at a higher standard where they would achieve success in college and in pursuing their career goals.

This message may have been forgotten recently but the members who attend these retreats and members who care about the letters they wear have been trying hard and will continuously do so to diminish any stereotypical image that they have had about their organization. This retreat has energized these leaders to take further steps over the course of this year.

To get involved with Greek Life visit their office in the LSC room 176 or call (970) 491-0966.

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