A typical snowy CSU day in gifs

Let’s face it, snow makes everything harder. That’s why we’ve put together a few gifs to find humor out of your slips on ice and frozen faces.

Waking up and seeing how much it snowed overnight


Making the decision on whether to stay warm and ditch class or not

Reluctantly deciding you should go to class

Freezing while you wipe the snow off of your car windows

Freezing some more as you walk to class

Slipping on campus in front of everyone in the student body


Finally getting into a warm classroom

And realizing, regardless of the cold, how beautiful campus looks

Especially the Oval

(Source: https://twitter.com/pgray7/status/427854920268541952/photo/1)

Plus, what better time for a warm coffee at the library than on a snowy day?

But then you realize you have to brave the weather again to get home

Finally settling in at your warm house, ready to relax inside

And hoping for a campus closure the next morning

Even though Tony Frank probably won’t let it happen