The Colorado Smoker

Nowadays, smoking is bigger than ever in the state of Colorado following the legalization of marijuana and the creation of the vaporizer pen, as well as both e-cigarettes and oil-based smoking pens.

Now that Colorado is a legal state for recreational marijuana sales and use, I’ve noticed an influx of people having the mindset that they can smoke anywhere they want and because it’s legal, they can do it with no remorse or consequence.  These thought processes, I feel, are not only ignorant, but flat out disrespectful.


I see this quite a bit with college students from out of state or visitors from other parts of the country or world visiting ski resorts and other leisure destinations.  Even though this inhalant is legal, it does not give someone the right to smoke out in front of people who might not smoke or appreciate it or even places where children might be present. This is a thought that should be present in everyone’s minds because while it may be legal, it’s illegal to smoke in public if you are under the age of 21.

Why is it that even though this flower of mind altering power is treated much like alcohol, people still feel like there are no rules to abide by when participating in this up and coming craze?  You must respect the law and smoke in the comfort of your own home or an establishment that allows public smoking within its location.

The device era has shown that people are looking for the next best thing to use to enjoy their herbal fixation. Now, there are flood or vaporizer pens and accessories in the marketplace, and I believe this possibly fuels the aspect of a lack of respect with smoking in public for some.  These devices have such cool and interesting features within themselves, and for some their sleek, almost concealable bodies make them easy to carry, smoke and hide, (if you’re underage) and helps many enter the state of mind that allows them to think they are untouchable and that it’s perfectly ok.

Please realize that even though mary-jane might be legal to smoke, that doesn’t mean that she (it) should be enjoyed everywhere.  Be mindful of your surroundings and enjoy responsibly.