CSU Rowing Crew Club on their road to becoming D1

The CSU Crew Club co-ed row team was founded in 2005, with its aim to provide a recreational and competitive sport to new and experienced rowers. The Crew Club rows from the marina in South Inlet Bay on Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins, Colo. This is located 20 minutes away from campus. They are currently on their way of becoming a Division 1 sport in a span of about 2 years. The Crew Club that represented CSU in Wichita, Kansas in November went with a larger number of rowers than ever before. With 90 percent of these rowers in their first season in college, the CSU Crew Club is determined to grow and recruit more athletes for this sport.

The Club is having an off-season workout until March, and plans to participate in three regattas and possibly an Indoor Rowing Championship in Denver, next semester. The board has been focusing on off-season workouts for the team by providing two days of cross fit training and other workouts for the rest of the days. It is also focusing on fundraising for new equipment to be set for spring season. The Club consists of hard working rowers who are committed to see this club as a D1 sport, while also making it grow by recruiting as many rowers as possible. So, if you have experience in rowing or always wanted to try it, check it out or learn more about this club that is representing your college in various regattas.