New Chops on the Block

Hey everyone!

This last week has been quite the week for celebrity haircuts! From Jennifer Lawrence debuting a new pixie, to Jennifer Aniston cutting off her signature style, what better way to start the week than with some hairspiration?


First off, Jennifer Lawrence. We love her for her charismatic attitude and performance in the Hunger Games, and with Catching Fire coming out in next week, what better time to debut a new do? Personally, with her personality, I think a pixie fits her perfectly! Her reasoning for cutting it all off? She thought the length it was at was “gross,” so she chopped it! She shared this photo last week via Facebook:

Lawrence’s pixie debut picture

Jennifer Aniston’s hair style has been the same since Friends, when it became the most wanted hairstyle in the country because of it’s simplicity. This week, Aniston debuted a shorter, bob of her iconic Rachel hair. Although Aniston has cut her hair before, but it has never looked better.

Aniston’s new bob (with hairstylist Chris McMillan)

Though this isn’t a “chop,” per-say, Kate Middleton changed up her signature style by center parting her signature wavy ‘do. She wore her hair in it’s typical blowout for England’s Poppy Day. You don’t realize how much a small change, like a different part, can change your look. Sometimes, even tradition needs to be changed to move forward into something more modern.

Middleton’s center part with her signature blowout

With the holidays and the new year right around the corner, what better time to be daring and go for a new hair style? I even want to try something different (I’m thinking highlights) for the new year! I have a friend who is pixie cutting her hair this weekend, so I’m excited to see how it turns out since I can totally see her with a pixie!


Have a good week!

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