Fashion News Friday: Blake Lively, Naked 3, Gaultier, and More!

Happy November! It’s Friday, so you know what that means…another installment of Fashion News Friday! There was quite a bit going on in the industry this past week with Blake Lively landing a new beauty role, a new Naked palette from Urban Decay coming out, Jean Paul Gaultier’s new exhibit in Brooklyn and Motorola releasing details about Project Ara.

Blake Lively was announced this week as the new spokeswomen for L’Oreal Paris. The Gossip Girl actress is already the face of Gucci’s Premiere fragrance and has done Chanel ads. There has been debate as to whether Lively is the next Gwyneth Paltrow–not just a pretty face, but a lifestyle guru. Lively is also talking about launching a project that is all about living a very well-rounded life.


One of Lively’s L’Oreal Paris ads

(photo courtesy of Huffington Post)

Rumor has it that Urban Decay is going to come out with a new member of the Naked palette family. DISCLAIMER: THIS IS JUST A RUMORFrom images seen, it looks like they have taken shadowed shades from both the Naked 1 and 2 palettes and just renamed them to create the appearance of a new palette. Another detail is the typeface at the bottom of each shade is not comparable in quality compared to the previous Naked palettes. The question is: is this a knock off or the real deal? We’ll have to wait and see.

Images of the rumored Naked 3 palette from UD

(photo courtesy of Reddit)

Running from October 25 through February 23, Jean Paul Gaultier has an exhibit as the Brooklyn Museum in Brooklyn, NY. This exhibit is entitled “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From Sidewalk to Catwalk and features S&M inspired pieces along with mannequins of all shapes and sizes, mirroring models he has employed in the past. The exhibit was created by Jolicouer International, revolving around seven themes of Gaultier’s artistic development since the 1970s. It will also feature 140 haute couture looks and pret-a-porter pieces from his earliest to most recent collections in addition to accessories, sketches costumes, film and runway clips. After February, the exhibit will go to London, Melbourne, and Paris.

One of the galleries of the Gaultier exhibit

(photo courtesy of The Brooklyn Museum)

The last piece of news is just a concept that I found interesting to discuss. This week, Motorola released details about Project Ara, a new DIY concept where you basically build your own phone. This means that phones will be modular, so each component has a specific “block,” to where when one component, let’s say Wi-Fi, goes out, you can just replace that part instead of purchasing a whole new phone. The parts aren’t just limited to Motorola either; third party companies can manufacture parts as well. The phone begins with an essentially an exoskeleton, that serves as the base for the modules. The idea is to waste less than an entire phone. Motorola has partnered with Phonebloks for this project, a community dedicated to modular, less wasteful phones. Benefits for this for consumers is that you don’t need specialized knowledge on how to use the product and it will “lower the barriers to entry,” meaning that just about anyone could create parts for it (it doesn’t hurt that Justin Bieber endorses the idea either!). – Dave Hakkens, the creator of Phonebloks explains the concept in further detail


Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!
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