Bill Gates, The Greatest Scientist Alive

Bill Gates is easily the greatest creator of our time.  He has contributed more to science and technology than anyone living.

Recently, Dr. Gates commented, that spreading internet as a scientific priority is “a joke.”  He argued that eradicating diseases worldwide is a much more important measure.  Dr. Gates has given billions in grant money to scientific research-  what an incredible gesture,  and a benefit to humanity.


He has done things that most kids dream of.  And yet, he isn’t perfect.  He dropped out of college; a most regrettable choice.

Education in the sciences is difficult and takes years of dedication and study.  For most people, it takes a lot of hard work.

No wonder he dropped out.

However, he’s still the greatest scientist of our time.  No one has had a deeper and greater impact on the way we live.  We should recognize his astute capability of understanding his privilege in an honorable way.  We should admire his wisdom to see beyond profit margins, and applaud his humanistic endeavors.  Bill Gates’ positive lasting impact is incredibly significant.  He is one of the greatest people to ever live.

Bill Gates is a genius.

Have a good weekend.