A Quick Q&A with the Bookstore Student Buyer

Photo by Nicole Leicht
Photo by Nicole Leicht

From hoodies to hats and everything in between, the bookstore offers the latest and greatest in spirited merchandise. Ever wonder who calls the shots on what exactly is the latest and greatest merchandise? College Avenue got an inside look at this decision making process and the world of apparel merchandising.

Bree Moran, twenty-year-old Apparel Merchandising major and business minor is the Student Buyer and Merchandiser for the bookstore. Not many students get to put their degree to use before they graduate, but for Bree this is no problem.


Q: What does an average day at work consist of for you?

Bree Moran: Each day is different depending on what evens we have coming up for the store. Currently we are focused on the launch of Under Armour as our new school brand, our new Ramzone store in old town and selling merchandise at sporting events.

Q: What goes into deciding what merchandise is sold at the bookstore?

Bree Moran: I’m still trying to learn as much as possible from the head buyer and what goes into the stores decisions on what to purchase. Personally I give my input as best as I can to represent the student body.

Q: How have you been able to put your studies to work?

Bree Moran: This job has been amazing for my school career. It’s been so much easier to understand things in class because I’m putting the skills from class to work at my job.

Q: Where do you see this job taking you in the future?

Bree Moran: I see this job giving me a great amount of experience for a future job hopefully as an assistant buyer or a visual merchandiser in a big city. The previous student buyer received a position as an assistant buyer in Chicago right out of college. I am hoping this job opens many doors for my future, it has already been such an amazing learning experience and I feel so blessed to have it.

There you have it, a behind the scenes look at the bookstore and the people who keep bringing us the best.

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