Best of CSU: Top Ten Reasons To Go To Mugs

With over 15 cafes and coffee shops across Fort Collins, it’s easy to understand how deciding where to get a morning cup o’ joe can be a challenge. Sure, you can decide based on location and price, but what about the other factors like study space, food, and wifi speed?

You may be thinking to yourself, “I go to Starbucks, because I know what I like there,” and you have a valid point.


“There is security in knowing what to expect [at Starbucks]” says McCabe Callahan, founder of Mugs Coffee Lounge. “But supporting a local coffee shop has an impact on the community by feeding the local flavor, culture and values.”

Here are ten reasons why we (and Mr. Callahan) think you should try out Mugs next time you need a caffeine pick me up.

  1. Seventy-five percent of everything Mugs sells is either fair trade, organic, or local.
  2. Mugs offers their very own version of the popular fall drink, Starbuck’s famous Pumpkin Spice Latte. No need to be worried about missing out!
  3. Breakfast burritos, do we need to say more? Mugs sells over 100 a day and has for over a decade. Best of all, they are served all day. Try out the traditional ham, sausage or bacon if you’re a meat lover. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, Mugs has got you covered too with non-meat options.
  4. The Gold Finger is Mugs signature flavored latte. This cinnamon and caramel drink is one of the most popular among patrons.
  5. If you buy a red corn mug, Mug’s signature travel mug made out of corn, you also receive a dollar off coffee, what a deal!
  6. It’s a great place to study. Their tables are larger than most places, allowing you to spread out and study with friends. As an added bonus, they keep their music sensible for a study environment. No screaming music to try to block out.
  7. High-speed internet. We know how important a fast internet connection is to all students, studying or not. Luckily Mugs has fast internet that’ll allow you to stream Breaking Bad and write your psychology paper simultaneously. For an added amount of awesome, Mugs was the first wireless cafe in Fort Collins.
  8. All that streaming leaving you hungry? Mugs has an assortment of wraps, gluten free and vegetarian options, and sandwiches made with bread from the local Findletown bakery.
  9. Mugs offers chai tea, real fruit smoothies, juices, loose leaf herbal tea, and mate tea for all those who don’t jive on the java. Some of their tea has as much caffeine as coffee without the taste.
  10. Mugs is focused on the Fort Collins community and the relationships they have with their customers. They try to connect with their customers by keeping up with what is going on in their customers’ lives. Callahan says his goal is to “foster a strong community around the idea of coffee that brings people together to do great things.”

From their wide variety of drinks to their assortment of food options, Mugs offers an experience for everyone. Mugs is located across from campus on Laurel and in Old Town Fort Collins on the corner of College and Olive.

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